“Having been with our previous Broker for many years, it was something of a leap-of-faith to change. That was 8 years ago, when we were recommended to KGJ by a major supplier. We have not looked back… Everything KGJ promised has been delivered – savings in premiums that have remained at each renewal; service and claims support that has exceeded our expectations; and a genuine desire to provide the best possible advice and support. KGJ has become an integral part of the Cousins team and their contribution to our business is invaluable.”
Mark Steele
Company Secretary
Cousins Furniture Stores Ltd

“Having the right insurance tailored to our needs is very important to us as a business. We recently reassessed our insurance requirements and approached a number of brokers for a full review. We were very pleased with the excellent service we received from KGJ and even more pleased with the very competitive quote we were given. KGJ continue to provide a professional and efficient service”
Mark Sweeney
Managing Director
AXYZ Automation UK Ltd

“The dealings I had in sorting out our company insurance with KGJ was so straight forward. The advice was clear in addressing what was needed to be done. The final cost for the cover we need is very reasonable given that we don’t like parting with our money!”
Max Hinks
CDL 2003 Management Ltd

“KGJ provided us with insurance within a very tight deadline and offered personable face to face service that met within our budget”
Sukhi Dehal
Managing Director
383 Project Ltd

The real panic sets in as the flames die down…

We recently had a traumatic house fire.

Strangely, the real panic sets in as the flames die down. Who do I talk to now? How can I protect my family? What about clothes and accomodation? Where…?

Dealing with unknowns is a part of my job. But this was totally different. I had 4 dogs, 4 kids and a distraught wife, who had spent the last two years overseeing the extension and refurbishment of our home. Suddenly, two years of all our lives had gone up in smoke.

It is a moment when you appreciate family, friends and – remarkably – your insurance broker…or more specifically the KGJ Group.

You pay for insurance year-in and year-out. After a while you start to see it as a tiresome overhead you should buy as cheaply possible. Don’t! When the test came, I was so glad I had chosen KGJ. Their policy was comprehensive, their cost was competitive but, above all, their service was superlative.

Richard and Darren of KGJ Group were there for me and my family through the panic, tears and trauma. Nothing was too much trouble. The upfront payment for clothes and necessities, the speedy search for suitable rented accomodation, the almost immediate payout on the policy with no questions asked.

I was scared there would be a protracted negotiation with the insurer. The reality was quite the opposite. There was no too-ing and fro-ing, just a great deal of sympathy. Richard and Darren took care of everything, providing us with first-class service and a quality result, for which I shall be forever grateful.

I have no hesitation in recommending these guys. When you need help – and sadly the chances are that at some point you may – they are the ones who will be in there rooting for you.

Finally in today’s world of ‘iffy’ customer endorsements, I want to emphasise that I gain no benefit whatsoever from this testimonial. I asked if I could do it, not the other way round. I am also very happy to answer any questions about the incredible service we received.”
Richard North
Chief Executive Officer
China Industries Limited, trading as WOW! Stuff