Comprehensive Insurance Programmes for Businesses in the Technology Sector

The Communications, Media and Technology sector is diverse and the pace of change is greater than in most other sectors, so it is essential that potential exposures are reviewed on a regular basis. The business risks in the sector are considerable and require careful consideration to ensure that an insurance policy is fit for purpose.

The benefits of using Internet based and other technologies are numerous but there are risks that were virtually unheard of two decades ago. These include:

  • Theft or manipulation of sensitive or private information, such as financial or personal records
  • Computer viruses that can destroy data, damage hardware, cripple systems and disrupt a business’ operations
  • Computer fraud

Internet and network exposures are increasingly subject to exclusion from “traditional” insurance policies. With Internet based technologies potential exposures are largely intangible and the result of human error. Or are deliberate malicious attacks, being events which can seriously undermine customer confidence in your organisation.

Working with leading insurers we can offer protection for these including:

  • Liability: privacy and confidentiality;
  • Copyright, trademark, defamation;
  • Malicious code and viruses;
  • Non-physical damage business interruption: network out-ages, computer failure, interference of an IT system
  • Financial Loss following attacks (hacking and viruses and other security breaches), unauthorised access, theft, Web site defacement and cyber extortion;
  • Technology errors & omissions; and
  • Intellectual property infringement.