Helping Hands Project and WellChild Awards 2015

Helping Hands Project

KGJ have worked closely with WellChild over the previous weeks, we recently teamed up with Liverpool Victoria to take on and participate in the Helping Hands Garden Project. This was based around transforming a garden, for a family with a severely disabled daughter, within two days!

The projects aim was to transform this back garden into something a young girl named Lilee Anne could go and interact with. Lilee has several brain conditions including a rare and severe type of epilepsy called West Syndrome. Lilee who is in a wheelchair could not go outside due to the lack of accessibility for her wheelchair. As well as the lack of disability access, the garden was unstable consisting of uneven concrete slabs and sections of uneven gravel.

The Experience – The 1st Day – Ben (KGJ)

We arrived at Lilee’s home eager to improve the quality of life for her and her family. We were split into small teams and given tasks to complete by Lee Trunks (Head of Helping Hands). One team started by lifting the slabs and weeding, another team started the decking and the final team started painting the fence. Once the slabs were lifted and removed, we were tasked with replacing the fence panels adjacent to the fence being painted. This proved tricky as not all fence panels were cut to size, we assembled a sub team to cut the fence panel to size and fit into place. The ground needed to be levelled out shortly after which required bucket loads of elbow grease and a couple of handy tools, this built the foundations on which to lay the tonnes of hard-core. Prior to this, the garden required some tlc, we built a flower planter 6 foot in length and 3 ft wide, filled it with soil and compost ready to plant some cheerful and colourful flowers. The time came towards the end of the day where tonnes of hard-core had to be transferred from the industrial bags onto the garden. With no heavy lifting equipment this was not easy, but we all dug deep and managed to get three quarters of the hard-core onto the garden. Once the day was over there were many sore muscles but this was overshadowed by the uplifting feeling of creating a place for Lilee to enjoy her time with her family.

 The Experience – The 2nd Day – Jack (KGJ)

We were split into several groups for the second/final day. In our teams we worked together to try our best to finish the garden in time for the big reveal to the family and most importantly Lilee. Groups were split and given different tasks for completion, some painted the remaining fence panels and some would finish laying the decking. I was in the team who was given the task of laying down the remaining hard-core and then placing sand on top in order for the ground to be even ready for the AstroTurf to be laid which would then make it accessible for Lilee. The final tasks for the day was setting up the swing for Lilee, fitting some mirrors onto the flower planter so Lilee could see herself in and re arrange the remaining garden furniture, so that the whole family had a garden where they could all sit together and watch Lilee happily playing. I can’t explain how it felt, the sense of accomplishment I had achieved, from seeing the final result the finished garden and all from dedicating one day of my life in aid of this amazing project. Knowing how much this would impact on one family’s life, giving one little girl a better; happy and safe environment to play in as a result of the selfless acts everyone who took part in did. Bringing such happiness and the sense of achievement is priceless.

The event was that much of a success, that we even gained the recognition of the Express & Star, the local Wolverhampton newspaper.

Lillee Anne - Before   Lillee Anne - Final Result

KGJ want to thank everybody who contributed to this massive transformation, from the Volunteers to WellChild themselves. The transformation would not have been as big a success as it was,if it wasn’t for the kind hearts of some of our Clients, who kindly donated materials which were used on the back garden. These include Cousins Furniture Stores; Environmental Contracts Ltd; Grange Fencing; Travis Perkins Willenhall Branch; Blyth Group; Dave The Pave and Hollybush Garden Centre as well as artificial turf donated by Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. and Tiger Turf, without their support we wouldn’t have been able to make such a difference to a young girls life. All this however, wouldn’t have been possible to achieve without the amazing charity work and passion that WellChild have for such projects.

KGJ Lilee Anne Interacting with Garden

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